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For years, we have been seeing the transformation of the events industry from physical to digitally promoted. Covid-19 changed that forever. Now the events will be digital only or seamlessly integrated. Digital will no longer be about promotion, it will be the last mile.

We come from the experience of promotion of physical events with a pitch saying few hundred or low thousands attend an event but many multiples can get influenced digitally. We have executed some of the largest events, from Aahar to NASSCOM leadership forum. Now, we are using this experience and expertise in and as pragatiE, a unique platform for hosting events digitally.

There are numerous such platforms that exist, however, none that integrates true user experience, physicality of events and the promotion needs around it. Your next successful will be pragatiE.


hy pragatiE

Kickstart your event digitally with unlimited possibilities

A world class virtual event platform that enables to organize any exhibition into a virtual environment.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated

A fully automated SaaS solution that brings the entire exhibition eco system to your desktop.

A Complete Solution

A Complete Solution

Includes everything that a physical event has in a virtual environment – except food and wine.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Especially designed for users to set up their events with help documents and video tutorials.


ur Team

Conceptualizing pragatiE

The core team at pragatiE comes from decades of business and digital experience that gives us the edge. We will as a baseine execute your event successfully, rather we will also ensure the right audience (exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, delegates) to experience it.

pranav gupta

Pranav Gupta

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta


ransforming Events

Small virtual events to large scale exhibitions

pragatiE as a platform has been developed keeping the size of audience that visit an event, we have put a strong infrastructure in place that can host any kind of event, large or small!


Fully liquid design on the front makes it convenient for visitors


Optimised for desktop for easy configuration and setup

Use the power of digital to scale

Leave the current pandemic situation aside, even in the normal circumstances, a virtual form of exhibition gives you capability to reach a bigger audience and engage with them.

For exhibitors

Amplify your reach to a larger audience and engage them

For visitors

Opportunity to interact with the event without the travel hassle

capture the attention & imagination of a larger audience

pragatiE gives you wings to set up your event in minutes that can be hosted locally or globally. Anyone from any corner of the globe can attend the event which is not possible in a physical event.

Virtual Only

Keep your costs low while use the power of digital to scale

Physical + Virtual

Add the digital angle too to reach a bigger audience

Ask for help

Besides the help guides and videos our strong team of technology and support is always available to help you in creating and managing the event. We keep dedicated staff available 24x7 to help you in every manner during an event.


vents for all

Have been missing all the launches, events and conferences this year?

We are bringing them back! A digital event platform that aims to provide you with the feel of a real event whilst keeping you safe in the sanctity of social distancing.

For advertisers

Advertise to right audience and catch the eyeballs, create global opportunities

For Event Owners

Get the ultimate platform to conduct a real like event and bring back the business

For Exhibitors

Showcase products, host webinars, share ideas, build global network and much More

For visitors

Visit stalls, take demos, talk to exhibitors, add more people to your network and beyond


ast Events


ur Partners

New Delhi Book Fair 2020
Book Fair 2020 in New Delhi
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