Live Sessions

Virtual Booths


One on One Meets



Data Analysis

Interactive Live Sessions

Engage with your audience at a personal level with the ability to host live sessions in various locations during the course of the event.

  • On demand sessions for visitors
  • Ability to hold QNA & Live Video Chats

Virtual Booths

Exhibitors have their very own space for marketing and business collaborations where they can showcase their products and services just like a real event.

  • Ability to search for for various exhibitors
  • Exhibitors can offer downloadable marketing materials
  • Chat windows for visitors
  • 1 on 1 meeting options

Webinar Arenas

Hold special talk sessions that are led by renowned personalities from your industry and attract more and more visitors.

  • Chat functionality for QNAs
  • Live streaming from various apps available


Create your event into an interesting venue with pragatiE. Maximise your audience and create a memorable exhibition for your visitors.

  • Hold fun contests, quizzes to increase participation rates.
  • Leaderboards to encourage winners.