Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy for PragatiE

PragatiE is an exhibition website and different vendors put their products during the event only on the website for a certain period of time defined on the website during the event.

We recommend you go through the shipping policy before placing an order.

  • All products can be viewed and ordered only during the event.
  • While the payments are processed by PragatiE, shipping happens through the exhibiting partners only.
  • All the shipping is managed from the exhibiting partners and their individual shipping terms and policies apply for sales of their products.
  • PragatiE will not be responsible for any shipping related issues arise between both the selling-buying entities.
  • You will be provided details of the seller for purchases made during the event timeframe with whom you can connect for any shipping related issues.
  • Each seller will be notified with the details of the buyer who has made a purchase from their stall during the event.

For further queries please email at

Conditions for Returns

The sellers at the PragatiE platform reserve the right to refuse returns of any merchandise that does not meet their return conditions at their sole discretion.

The buyer will receive the contact details of each seller with the order summer for orders placed during the event.

For any issues with the received products, a buyer will have to get in touch with the respective seller. PragatiE would not entertain any such requests.

The buyer will be responsible for the cost and risk of returning the Goods to the seller. The buyer will have to connect with the seller directly.